Custom on-site airway training tailored to your needs.

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About our on-site trainings

Our courses include didactic presentations by Dr. Levitan, all intubation and airway equipment, and specialized training mannequins. Equipment ships via UPS; you provide the meeting space and we handle the rest. Airway Cam supplies digital materials to all participants, and copies of our print materials can also be distributed. We have had groups as large as 60 persons per day. CME can be arranged for an additional fee (requires 2-3 months lead time). Customized cadaveric courses may also be available depending on availability of lab space.

We’ve been providing custom on-site courses for more than fifteen years—and have a long list of clients including physician groups, EM residencies, flight programs, respiratory therapy departments, and EMS systems. We are happy to provide references on request.  We love to travel and have organized and taught mannequin and cadaveric courses throughout the US and around the world.

Pricing depends on travel requirements, class size, and content desired (nasoendoscopy practice and surgical airway practice involves consumables that add expense). On-site courses are significantly less expensive on a per person basis than sending your staff individually to courses that require travel and accommodation.

Devices and course content can include:

  • Crisis Performance

  • Airway Anatomy

  • Safety & Oxygenation

  • Algorithms & Rapid Sequence Intubation

  • Direct Laryngoscopy

  • Video Laryngoscopy (standard geometry and hyperangulated blades)

  • Endoscopy (nasoendoscopy & long scopes)

  • Rescue Ventilation (LMA type devices, King LTD, etc.)

  • Surgical Airway (cricothyrotomy, tracheostomy management)

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