The World’s Most Beautiful Airway Course (since 2014)



Jackson Lake Lodge (JLL), Moran Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park. More information about the lodge:

The lodge is located 27 miles north of the Jackson airport (JAC).

Course Content

Advanced airway management and critical care. Hands-on practice with direct and video laryngoscopes using custom designed, unique manikins. Short and long scope endoscopy (manikins and ORsim simulators). Live nasoendoscopy, using sterile sheaths. Surgical airway practice with customized models. Faculty from Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, & Prehospital Care.

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Monday morning (7am-10am) Breakfast Lake Cruise (sign up through JLL activities link).

Group Buffet Dinner JLL 630pm, includes presentation on medical emergencies in Grand Teton National Park.

Tuesday Lunch (11am-2pm) Group drive, scenic viewing points and wildlife, group lunch.

Wednesday afternoon (1pm-4pm) Snake River rafting trip

(sign up through JLL activities link).

Registration, Activities Link

Registration is limited to 40 persons and opens in January.

Sign up through website: (Advanced Airway Course Yellowstone-Tetons).

Activities link for Jackson Lake Lodge: