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Techniques for Nasal Intubation

Airway Cam Guide to Intubation and Practical Emergency Airway Management Textbook Reviews

Above all, this text lives up to its promise and provides a practical approach to airway management in the emergency setting as well as a step-by-step visual guide to laryngoscopy…The Airway Cam images, combined with the very complete discussion of airway anatomy constitute wonderful preparation for those about to perform intubation for the first time, for novice intubators, and for experienced laryngoscopists wanting a thorough review. We have not seen anything akin to the images produced by the Airway Cam in any other text or educational material...First and foremost, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the Airway Cam images used in this book are worth millions…In addition to the outstanding pictures, we found the strategy/algorithm described in the book concise, logical, and easy to apply. The author’s emphasis on a methodic approach, redundancy of safety, and having a precise backup/rescue plan is something we believe all emergency physicians should embrace…In our opinion, this volume belongs on the bookshelf of every emergency physician (or more broadly, on the bookshelves of all those called upon to manage airways on an emergency basis). Reviewer: Burg DM, Donner N. Source: Academic Emergency Medicine, 2005; 12: 789-790


Dr. Richard Levitan…is perhaps best known for his invention of the "Airway Cam" system for externally visualizing and recording ordinary intubations. Now Dr. Levitan has written a surprisingly comprehensive guide to emergency airway management that draws heavily upon his vast experience using this technology. The result is a beautifully illustrated airway management guide bursting with full colour illustrations. The Airway Cam Guide to Intubation and Practical Emergency Airway Management emphasizes practical techniques most likely to yield "first pass" intubation success using traditional intubation tools. The text is replete with tips, techniques, airway anatomy, and numerous case examples, all illustrated in full colour. I was particularly pleased to see step-by-step laryngoscopy images used in abundance…All-in-all, this is a splendid, well-illustrated work that is worthy of residing in the anesthesia library of individuals and departments alike. Reviewer: Doyle DJ. Source: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 2005; 52: 4: 448.


Because a picture is worth a thousand words, this text most eloquently arms the reader with some of the best pictures of endotracheal intubation that can be found. The author used a novel device, the “Airway Cam” mentioned in the title, to capture the images used in the text. The result is a sequential first-person view of intubation…The technique sounds basic; the results are advanced. In summary…[it is] an excellent text. It will no doubt receive much attention from residency directors; however, its appeal should be more broad. Academic individuals can learn improved teaching techniques, practitioners who are uncomfortable with their skills can increase their knowledge and self-confidence, and those who already feel accomplished can broaden their arsenal of emergency airway management techniques.
Reviewer: Southall J. Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2005; 46: 212-213.


Richard M. Levitan, MD, has of the most exhaustive and detailed textbooks on the art, science and skill of endotracheal intubation...if you're ready to perfect your technique and want a text that will provide you with a real-life, visual perspective, this text is for you.
Wesley K. Source: Journal of Emergency Medical Services, 2005; 30:111.


The discipline of emergency medicine is deeply committed to training its residents in airway management and has made substantial progress in this field during the past 20 years. Dr. Levitan…is the inventor of the Airway Cam, a direct laryngoscopy video system…Dr. Levitan has used his invention for teaching and research in rigid laryngoscopy techniques, and his substantial expertise in this area is reflected in this book…This reviewer recommends the book to all responsible for airway management and tracheal intubation.
Reviewer: Ovassapian A. Source: Anesthesia & Analgesia, 2005; 101:930.



Airway Cam Video Series Reviews

Airway Cam Video Series, Vol. 4
It deserves a place in the libraries of anesthesiology and emergency departments. Unquestionably, it will be useful to novice laryngoscopists, but it is likely that even experienced laryngoscopists will learn from viewing this video. Collectively, this series represent the best educational tool on laryngoscopy I have seen.
Reviewer: Cooper, RM Source: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 2004; 51:5


Airway Cam Video Series, Vol.  3
The intubations are entirely the real thing, with a demonstration of realistic difficulties with the use of various blades and in a wide spectrum of patients. The images are sharp, vivid, and clearly representative...If I were responsible for honing the intubation skills of clinicians learning emergency intubation, I would definitely include this video in the airway curriculum
Reviewer: Heffner JE Source: Respiratory Care 2002; 47: 1343-4


Airway Cam Video Series, Vol. 2
Overall, this is a superb and informative video, made possible by the special camera used. It will become an essential addition to existing teaching methods for those requiring instruction in pediatric intubation.
Reviewer: Crean P Source: Pediatric Anesthesia 2002; 12:563.


Airway Cam Video Series, Vol.  3
This third volume to the Airway Cam series is a superb addition to an already excellent resource. Dr. Levitan has made a significant advance over his already excellent previous volumes. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in learning airway management skills to study this videotape series.
Reviewer: Bair AE. Source: Academic Emergency Medicine 2001; 8: 99.


Airway Cam Video Series, Vol. 3
This video has something for everyone. It will satisfy the medical student who is uncertain about what he should be looking for and how to best accomplish this. It will also satisfy the airway expert with its clear commentary and teaching pearls. I think it has a place in in the video library of every anesthesia department.
Reviewer: Cooper R. Source: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 2000; 47: 925.


Airway Cam Video Series, Vol. 3
It is the best teaching video I have ever seen. Both the technical and clinical material are superb...Every department should have a copy of this video...
Reviewer: Henderson J. Source: British Journal of Anesthesia 2000; 85: 338.


Airway Cam Video Series, Volumes 1 & 2
Overall, these videos are an outstanding teaching tool. They are appropriate for students, residents, and the experienced emergency physician…Beyond the emergency department, this 2-volume video set could be a standard for paramedic, Advanced Life Support, and Advanced Trauma Life Support courses as it gives an unobstructed, realistic view and instruction of actual intubations. It is further enhanced by professional graphics, and editing, resulting in an excellent education source that has set a new standard for intubation training.
Reviewer: Flamik D. Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine 1999; 34: 418-419.


Airway Cam Video Series, Volume 1
Overall, this video is an excellent teaching tool that should be of value to anyone who views it.
Reviewer: Bryant JH. Source: Academic Emergency Medicine 1997; 4: 830.



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